Fortnite Season 6 is Here

Grab your harvester and head into battle. We’re three weeks into Season 6 of Fortnite and it’s fun to play!

The theme is a Halloween-inspired spooky look and it’s called, Darkness Rises. There are lots of new costumes and items in the store and plenty of new weekly challenges to keep you entertained.

The outfit I’m wearing in these screenshots is the Calamity outfit. Strickly speaking, it’s the Stage 2 version of the outfit and the teal edition. There are six stages of this outfit (including the base) and four color options (white, teal, purple, and black). All of them are earned through gaining experience and completing weekly challenges. Oh, and you have to be a Battle Pass subscriber to earn them.

Yeah, so maybe more than you needed to know about the Calamity outfit.

Fortnite - Chest Found

There are two impressive chests in this picture.

The biggest change to the map is that the island that was once in the middle of Loot Lake is now floating high above the main island. It changes location in each match. In it’s place is a giant whirlpool.

There are also several corrupted areas that appear on the map. You can always find 2-3 chests in these as well as “Shadow Stones.” These stones allow you to temporarily take the form of a shadow creature.

Fortnite - Smash that Wall

Harvesting for wood inside the garage at Lazy Links.

My favorite part of Season 6 so far is the Disco Domination LTM event. This is a 32 v. 32 battle event with a special twist. Your team tries to capture up to 5 dance floors on the map. You capture them by showing off your dance moves on the floors. Meanwhile, you battle the other team to keep them away from the dance floors you’ve captured.

You kind of have to see it to understand it.



Fortnite Season 5 Arrives Tomorrow

Fortnite Season 5 arrives tomorrow and speculation about the changes it will bring are running fast and furious. I’m keeping tabs on all the rumors via Discord chat. I’m a little sad to see Season 4 close because I got to level 100 on the Battle Tier and got my Omega skin. I’m not sure I have the time and energy to do it all over again. Some people, like this guy in Forbes, aren’t sticking around for a variety of reasons.

I’ve got enough V-Bucks stored in my account to immediately purchase a Season 5 Battle Pass, and I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do on Thursday as soon as the servers come back up.

GameSpot has a nice guide on everything to expect.

Clan Wars Arrives in Clash Royale

Clan Wars is here! This is an exciting addition to the game. Look at the video ad that Supercell released to announce Clan Wars in Clash Royale.


Wait, What is Clan Wars?

It’s a new feature in the game! Clan Wars is a two-day event for your whole Clan! Battle with your Clan for glory and rewards against other Clans around the world!

It’s broken down into two days: Collection Day and War Day.

Day 1: Collection Day

Battle with your own cards to earn Clan Cards. Clan Cards are used to build your War Deck for War Day!

  • You get 3 battles on Collection Day
  • The goal is to collect as many Clan Cards as possible
  • On the map you’ll find various game modes that change after they’ve been played
  • Battling on any of the game modes earns Clan Cards, but wins earn the most
  • The higher your Arena, the more Clan Cards you can earn
  • Build different decks to suit the different game modes
  • When Collection Day ends, War Day begins…

Day 2: War Day

Battle with the Clan Cards for all the glory! The Clan with the most War Day victories wins the war!

  • You get 1 battle on War Day
  • Your only goal is to win this battle
  • Everyone in your Clan battles with the same Clan Cards on War Day
  • Build a War Deck with the Clan Cards and share it to your Clan, or copy a deck from your Clan’s best deck builder!
  • Note: Clan Card levels cannot be higher than your own card levels. Upgrade your own cards to use higher level Clan Cards
  • Test your War Deck in a Friendly Battle before your Final Battle
  • Make sure to cheer on your Clanmates when they play their Final Battle
  • When War Day ends, your Clan will gain Clan Trophies… and then you can start your next war!

In completely separate news, I’m watching a lot more anime now that I have some killer anime mobile apps. I like watching anime on my iPad and this is the way to go.

Tips for the Mega Knight in Clash Royale

The Mega Knight card is unlocked from Hog Mountain (Arena 10) or a Legendary Chest.

He’s an area harm, floor, melee troop with very substantial hitpoints and moderately high damage.

He deals spawn damage when he is deployed and jumps to goals which are between 4 and 5 tiles away from him, dealing double his normal damage on impact. A Mega Knight card prices 7 Elixir to deploy.

The Mega Knight wears black armor and a helmet that covers the majority of his face and wields two mace-like weapons attached to his arms.

The Knight’s jump mechanic isn’t to be mistaken with the Bandit’s dash ability. His bill time is slower and does not make him invincible. He will still take damage while he’s airborne and will die mid-air.

The Knight is strong when paired with additional high-damaging units such as the Mini P.E.K.K.A. or Lumberjack because he will absorb the incoming harm and eliminate any floor swarms with his jump damage, along with the other troops will help him conquer
high-hitpoint troops which may distract him.

The P.E.K.K.A. is a great counter to the Mega Knight. She will quickly defeat the Mega Knight for a neutral Elixir trade, and may then be utilized in a counterpush.

The Mega Knight is powerless against air troops for example Minions and Bats so it is best to pair him along with different troops that can attack air, like Archers, the Wizard, or even the Executioner.

An Inferno Tower can take the Mega Knight as long as the competitor does not possess a Zap or some other card that can reset the Inferno Tower.

The only spell that could halt the jump is Your Log.

In most cases, the Mega Knight will destroy the Skeleton Army even if he is surrounded.

But if he’s half health, it is effective to use Skeleton Army on him.

The Prince can take out the Mega Knight in your side should you put him far enough in your Holy Knight to have enough time to set up but close enough so that the Mega Knight doesn’t have enough space to perform a leap attack.

His spawn damage can conquer all three Goblins if timed properly — he must be deployed in the tower once the barrel crosses the river.

One of the very best swarm troops you may use to surround the Mega Knight are Barbarians. It takes the Knight three strikes to kill one Barbarian.

He along with the Electro Wizard would be the only troops that cope Spawn Damage. Contrary to the Electro Wizard, however, the Mega Knight’s spawn damage doesn’t affect air units.

He has the most hitpoints of all the legendary cards.

He is tied together with the Lava Hound for the most expensive legendary card.

He has the exact same damage potential as an equal degree The Log.

Upon death, the Mega Knight drops his maces. The other components which fall items are the Sparky, the Dark Prince, the Guards, the Knight, the Mega Minion, the Executioner and the Cannon Cart.


He’s very powerful and a great addition to your arsenal of troops.

Totally unrelated but I have been watching Better Call Saul .  Lost my Netflix subscription so have been streaming it on Couchtuner and alternatives. Funny, funny show.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Skins

When I’m not goofing around with Clash Royale or exploring new Minecraft maps, I’m usually hard at work customizing my Minecraft avatar. It’s a tough life, I know.

My go-to sources to find new skins in Minecraft are the Skindex and Planet Minecraft.

The Skindex


Planet Minecraft


There are lots of skins to download from both sites. I think the Skindex has more, but I like Planet Minecraft’s community a lot more.

My Favorite Skins from the Skindex

This is just a sample of some of my favorite skins found on the Skindex site.

Donald Trump Skin

Cute Girl Skin

Chris the Tiger Day Care


Run for your lives! It’s the Donald Trump skin!

I’ve also been playing around with a program called Mine-imator. It’s a specialized 3D program for creating Minecraft shorts and animations. It’s also perfect for creating really nice rendered screenshots of your avatar wearing great skins. I will post a longer review of Mine-imator soon!




Tips for the Hog Rider in Clash Royale

The Hog Rider is unlocked by the P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse (Arena 4). He’s a quick building-targeting, melee troop with both moderate hitpoints and damage. A Hog Rider card prices 4 Elixir to deploy. He looks just like his Clash of Clans version; a guy with brown eyebrows, beard, a mohawk, and a golden body piercing in his left ear who’s riding a hog.

With his high quantity of damage, the Hog Rider can be placed with a high hitpoint card, like the Giant, to divert enemy troops or with support components such as Goblins, dealing plenty of damage. But you can counter this combo with the Skeleton Army, Barbarians, or a Minion Horde.

Because of the fact that certain units such as the Giant or Sparky occupy a whole lot of room from the Arena, the Hog Rider may have problems getting to the Crown Tower as a result of huge troop obstructing the Tower in front of him.


The Hog Rider in combination with the Freeze can be particularly powerful. Primarily, the Hog Rider is spawned, and if the opponent spawns troops to defend the Tower, throw the Freeze. Since the Freeze stalls the defending troops & Crown Tower, and the Hog Rider will stay unhindered to assault the enemy’s Tower. Additionally it is suggested to drop cheap ranged troops or Goblins to go for the hog so as to deal extra tower damage and lighten up the counterattack which will support the suspended troops. However, the opponent can initially use a construction to divert the Hog Rider, then put troops down once you Freeze the tower and building.

This means that it can easily be distracted by constructing cards, but he can also help out by ruining them. A Cannon is a fantastic counter because it could pull the Hog Rider off, deflecting it and giving the towers ample time to harm or kill him. Tombstone is also powerful as the spawned skeletons can harm the Hog, but can often be more easily countered.

Whenever there are buildings put in the middle to counter the Hog Rider, knowing the positioning of the Hog Rider and the sort of construction placed can help your Hog Rider to skip certain buildings.

Passive buildings such as spawners and Elixir Collector possess a bigger hitbox than defensive structures; meaning: if a passive construction was put 3 tiles away from the river in the center of the opponent’s side, then it’s not possible for the Hog Rider to skip that positioning as the Hog Rider will get pulled to that construction.

Defensive buildings have a more compact hitbox than a passive construction, which means if that if a defensive construction was put three tiles apart from the river in the center of the opponent’s side, a Hog Rider placed in the very left or right side of the Arena might have the ability to bypass it because of its smaller hitbox.

A Tornado positioned in front of your King’s Tower when a Hog Rider is coming one of those Crown Towers can trigger your King’s Tower, assisting you in defense.

He can also clear an integral defense or front-placed Elixir Collector for a future drive.

When the opponent places an Elixir Collector far back in the center in the front of the King’s Tower, the hog could be deployed on the river, and he’ll jump the river and move straight for it. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this positioning puts him in the kill zone, where the two Arena Towers can target him.

A very strong combo is the Hog Rider, the Musketeer, and the Valkyrie. The Musketeer is for dealing damage to buildings, the Valkyrie is responsible for protecting the Musketeer and Hog Rider from mass troops (i.e. Skeleton Army, Spear Goblins) in addition to construction shots, and the Hog Rider is used to deal damage for the tower.

This mixture of troops is known as the Trifecta from the community.

This can be successfully countered by Lightning, eradicating the Musketeer and seriously damaging both the Valkyrie and Hog Rider. The Minion Horde is also powerful, but the enemy can Zap them and the Musketeer will one shot all of them. Even if the Musketeer is murdered, the Hog Rider and Valkyrie will have sufficient time to seriously damage the Tower.

Be sure that you place the Hog Rider supporting the Valkyrie to give it a boost so that it remains in the front of the Hog Rider, protecting it.

A P.E.K.K.A. readily counters this for an enormous 5 favorable Elixir trade and a possible chance for a counterattack.

Pair the Hog Rider up with Skeletons, Goblins, Zap, or Fire Spirits for a cheap and speedy assault that can deal quite higher damage if not well-countered.

The two Goblins and Fire Spirits can supplement the Hog Rider’s very quick approach speed. Melee Goblins and Fire Spirits can be catastrophic since they provide high damage, but are nevertheless vulnerable to splash that may hit the Hog and encouraging units at precisely the exact same time. The Ice Spirit can be overwhelming since it can freeze the Arena Tower, but is doesn’t offer as much harm. Spear Goblins are also great as they are ranged and processor off from a safe distance when confronting dab components, and hence they are less vulnerable to dab components.

When a Goblin Barrel is deployed right before the Hog Rider, they will distract the Crown Tower while the Hog Rider deals hurt. This may also be useful in the reverse. The Hog Rider can work as a tank for the Goblins so that the Goblins can deal great damage.

Sending out a Miner right before the Hog Rider is sent can be an effective combo. As the tower is diverted by the Miner, the Hog Rider can deal additional damage.

Pairing the Hog Rider with the Balloon can deal disastrous damage. If implemented correctly, the Hog Rider will function as a tank while the Balloon deals damage, and the Hog Rider can also ruin any buildings trying to slow down the combo. Bear in mind that this combo is quite vulnerable to the Minion Horde as neither of those troops target anything but buildings. Plus, it’s easy to separate, because the Hog is quite fast and the Balloon fairly slow.

Barbarians, Elite Barbarians, and the Skeleton Army may also be used to counter it, but be careful because the Hog Rider could be backed up by area-damage troops, like the Bomber, or spells, like the Fireball or Zap.

The Hog Rider can kite any troop that doesn’t attack buildings because of its very rapid speed and positioning.

It’s an extremely quick combo with an extremely substantial damage output possible, so the enemy will probably attempt to counter it with a swarm. If this occurs, use a spell like Arrows to leave the opponent defenseless. If they can conquer the Lumberjack, the dropped Rage will create the Hog Rider even more dangerous than it generally is.

The Hog Rider is one of two floor cards which possesses the ability to leap across the separating area at the center of the Arena, another is that the Mega Knight (while using his jump attack).

When he is set up, he yells “Hog Rider!” Very similar to the way the Clash of Clans Hog Rider does in the commercial.

The Hog Rider relies on its identical counterpart at Clash of Clans, provided that both of them can jump over barriers that ordinary ground units cannot.

Even though in the description of the Hog Rider the middle separating area is known as a “river”, in Bone Pit and Builder’s Workshop that there is not any water in the dividing area.

When he’s leaping over the river, he can’t be targeted at any troops or buildings (except for the Mega Knight). But if he was previously targeted by an Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon, he would get damage when he jumps across the river.

The Hog Rider wears a golden earring on his left ear.

Two Hog Rider statues can be found at Hog Mountain (Arena 10) supporting the enemy’s King’s Tower, which explains why the name change of the Arena.

When jumping over the river, the Hog Rider can jump across The Log. This also suggests that guards that only attack earth will need to re-target if the Hog Rider jumps over the river.