Clash Royale Troop Guide

Some quick notes I put together on the different troops in Clash Royale

Arrows – These now counter groups of small troops. Not a ton to say about it, but it’s been one of the most popular cards in the game since the soft start due to how versatile it really is. Great against goblin barrel, minion horde, and princess.

Musketeer – I see lots of folks do this, but do not place her. You are better off taking the tower damage than contributing 4 elixir. Musketeer is perhaps the greatest troop counter against princess, outranges a cannon (good for penalizing someone playing defensively), and does lots of standalone damage. She’s good by herself defensively and offensively, so she synergizes with everything. Poor against lightning and any high damage troop it is possible to place on top of it.

Valkyrie – Does damage in a circle in a place around her. Great with freeze and great against modest troops in general.

Freeze – This can be good against any enormous group of troops that would do damage to you personally. It goes very well with balloon, hog, or any damage that is high low well-being troops like goblins.

Skeleton – High damage, super low cost, super low health. Much the same to goblins. They’ve absurdly high damage for their elixir cost if you can keep them living, making them quite good against hog pushes or to utilize with freeze.

P.E.K.K.A – There’s a tooltip in Conflict of Families that says that HER armour is too heavy to get launched from a spring snare. Valk, good against double prince, golem. Poor against inferno and modest troops.

Knight – If it gets blown off cheap tank, astonishingly good damage to tower. Good for split pushes, defense, or an economical front line. Poor against atmosphere and in the present meta barbs appear to be more popular.


Fireball – Good defensively or offensively because you are able to very easily hit against multiple targets. I really do not think because most of what it can 1 shot will die to arrows for more affordable this card is quite good for the present meta. It is great against 3 musketeers, barbs (they’ll survive but your tower will 1 shot them all), huts, and minion horde.

Witch – She does summons skeletons and splash damage facing her. Good defensively, particularly against things like prince pushes or skeleton army. Countered by dropping damn near anything on her as she crosses the river.

Skeleton Army – Good against any single target troops mini pekka, like PEKKA, prince, etc. Countered any kind of splash like bomber or witch.


Mini PEKKA – High damage, lowish well-being, single target. This can be really for countering hog with freeze or useful. It is also an excellent card because if blown off their tower will be taken out by it to divide push with.

Bomber – High splash damage, affordable, does not hit on atmosphere. You’ll maintain risk against atmosphere although good to put behind a golem. Hard counter to barbs and any small troops.

Giant – Tanky and only goes for buildings. Good to place as a front line for any kind of damage troops that are high that are squishy. Also good for drawing tower fire before you throw a goblin barrel in.

Prince – Quite high single target damage. Don’t drop anything squishy directly in front of him! Could be a alternative that is good defensively to deal with troops such as the hog subsequently shove tough. Poor like skeletons against groups of modest troops.

Goblins – Similar to skeletons in gameplay. High damage, low well-being, low cost.

Goblin Barrel – Best when the tower is indirectly distracted, countered by arrows or somewhat countered by dropping troops nearby to kill them immediately.

Lightning – Good against 3 musketeers, constructing established decks, baby dragon, musketeer, magician. Play this if you’re going to do heavy damage to at least 2 things (likely tower a 4ish elixir troop or building). Don’t waste on single units!

Minion – Low health, damage atmosphere that is high. Can be useful defensively since atmosphere ca n’t be reach by lots of troops. Additionally good in decks that utilize lots of small components (like goblin barrel). Countered by zap, magician, or any dash.

Tombstone – The skeletons can help a bit for making pushes with expensive single target troops like prince or PEKKA or for pushing on a lane near impossible.

Balloon – Due to being atmosphere, this troop is truly about being dragged toward the centre 1 square sensitive than hog,.

Giant Skeleton – Blows up for a ton of damage in the region after it dies. This can be great for countering men who perpetrate to all in attacks on you, particularly from moderate health units that can lose most of their HP in the blast (musketeer, valk, double prince, etc).

Barbarians – If you play these in the middle of the map you can divide them into a 2×2 assault driving your opponent to either counter both sides or take a bunch of damage.

Cannon – Hits earth and is a really low cost building choice for pulling hog or balloon from the tower. This card can get more value from disrupting than it does from the actual cannon fire pathing if played correctly,.

Barbarian Hut – Typically played with Goblin hit included in a gimmick deck, but I do not think they necessarily have to be played together.

Rocket – Maximum summit tower damage charm in the match.

Rage – This appears to be best used within a slow drive (hut decks, PEKKA or golem starting from your back, elixir collector upward). If your opponent and this play they’re probably going all in with their elixir.


Mirror – Lets you play the exact same card twice for 1 extra elixir. You should be playing a card that is hard to counter because you’re overpaying to begin with if you’re going to use this.


Golem – The tank of tanks. By placing him in front of double prince pushes you can use him defensively.

Royal Giant – Actually, I’ve never seen this used effectively and in my opinion it’s because it’s a really poorly designed unit. Who desires their tank in the back? I’ve never seen it used effectively, although I hear it works nicely against mortar. Countered by merely pushing random buttons in your telephone.

Princess – Has range to shoot from the bridge. She copes splash, which minions and makes her difficult counter goblins. She is countered by arrows up until level 5.

Zap – A bit less damage than arrows but has a stun. The main complaint appears to be that it can’t 1 shot minions, so spear goblins tends to go pretty well in these decks.

Inferno – Kind of like burning ants with a magnifying glass, if this stays on exactly the same target it does larger and larger damage. Hard counter to golem and P.E.K.K.A. It’ll win against a lone prince for precisely the same elixir cost and can be useful simply to have presence in the middle of the map (drawing troops into the “kill zone”).


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