Tips for the Inferno Dragon in Clash Royale

The Inferno Dragon is unlocked from the P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse (Arena 4). This is a single- goal -ranged, flying troop with both high hitpoints and damage.

4 is cost Elixir to deploy by an Inferno Dragon card. As it stays focused on one target, like the Inferno Tower, the Inferno Dragon’s damage increases with time.

He seems to be wearing a barrel full of an unknown substance on his back which looks like a jetpack. The material could maybe be fuel.

In many ways, its appearance on the card resembles a Baby Dragon having a Helmet and its in-game appearance looks just like a slightly larger Baby Dragon having a Helmet and also a Barrel on its back which looks just like a jetpack.

Since they cover each other’s weaknesses, coupling the Inferno Dragon with the Baby Dragon might be a good strategy. This is referred to as the Double Dragon combo, that is the air troop analogue of the Double Prince combo (single target high damage area damage).

When defending, it’s advised to never allow the Inferno Dragon lock onto a Crown Tower. If it does manage to attack a tower, one of the top ways to procrastinate its strike is by using Freeze or the Ice Spirit. They could prevent it from dealing gigantic DPS for several seconds, which could easily save most of the health of a Crown Tower.

A Zap additionally works, as it’ll reset the Inferno Dragon’s ray and may cause objectives to change.

A Minion Horde can also easily ruin an Inferno Dragon but at a 1 Elixir loss. However, the competition will have to counter the remaining Minions to prevent lots of damage from being dealt upon the Crown Tower, that’ll put the adversary with an Elixir disadvantage.

Minions can do exactly the same task for a 1 Elixir profit as the Inferno Dragon takes relatively long to re-target after killing one of them, but you’ll be left with few, if any, minions to generate a counter force.

The Mega Minion is less capable of dealing less general damage per second compared to three Minions, as well as coping with Inferno Dragon due to it being a single troop.

An incoming Inferno Dragon might be countered having an Inferno Tower, but also at a 1 Elixir loss.

On the other hand, the Inferno Tower will not attack last, as a result of the longer range.

Small groups of feeble troops like Goblins and even Skeletons are helpful for distracting an Inferno Dragon due to its low base damage and slow re-targeting.

A Tombstone or some spawner could be very beneficial to stall an Inferno Dragon.

A Witch may be properly used to similar effect, while the Witch does damage, and if placed right, the Inferno Dragon will lock to the Skeletons spawned. However, note this will also lead to an Elixir loss. You can still use the enduring Witch in a counterattack, nevertheless.

An Inferno Dragon can be an advantage since it can be utilized to produce a drive, and can take out tanks, for example Golems and Icons. On the other hand, the player should be sure to take any counters out to the Inferno Dragon if they wish to produce a drive with it or if it prevents killing the tanks.

It deals enough damage to enable a tower before its maximum damage can be dealt by it to get rid of the Inferno Dragon despite the fact that Arrows do little damage on the Inferno Dragon. In the event the player does not have the Zap charm it could end up being a useful alternative. It saves about 1500 damage to your tower.

It won’t go, when the Inferno Dragon has locked on to your target. If the target moves out of range, the Inferno Dragon may move to keep up with it, but by doing this will reset the damage progression. Utilize this fact and make sure to deploy your Inferno Dragon close to troops or your towers to make sure that it’ll damage the target for so long as possible.

The damage of the Inferno Dragon functions nearly just like the Inferno Tower. For the primary two seconds, it deals 9% damage (Tier 1). For the following two seconds, it burns at 20% damage (Tier 2). After that, it will incinerate the enemy with its total 100% damage (Tier 3).

The best time to stun, as a result of the 1 second server delay /freeze before it reaches Tier 3 damage the Inferno Dragon is at 3 seconds, right.

Because of the fact it cannot pull on ground or building -targeting troops, it is not a replacement for the Inferno Tower.

Use hitpoint troops that are heavy to be taken out by an Inferno Dragon. When the high hitpoint troop is taken out, use another card with all the Inferno Dragon to start a drive.


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