The Boom Beach Warrior

The Warrior is one of the most dangerous and versatile troops you can play in Supercell’s Boom Beach.

The Warrior’s well-being is higher than through attacking making him very useful, a Rifleman’s and also can heal himself.

The Warrior is best used in large numbers without any other form of troop. Taking out Flamethrowers with the Gunboat, Machine Guns, and Cannons can raise the survivability of Warriors substantially.

They must stand right in the front of the Machine Guns to assault them which enables the Machine Gun to use its full potential. While themselves cure with each assault, it is good to use more or one Medkits.

Warriors may enter their blind spots and are extremely capable of taking Mortars, Rocket Launchers and Shock Launchers out as they can certainly dodge their attacks. When you attack with a Warrior Rush and Smoke Screen, they can be especially deadly.

Regardless of the fact that Warriors are fixed for every attack they make, moderate- to high-leveled Cannons, Sniper Towers, Machine Guns and Flamethrowers can easily take them outside.

An essential portion of protecting your base from Warriors is to set Machine Guns and your Flamethrowers right. They are very dangerous to big sets of Warriors attacking the Headquarters. Machine Guns are especially fatal as they are able to fire at Warriors at point-blank range.

Which means that your other Defensive Buildings can take them outside, so set your Shock Launchers well, an entire army of Warriors cans quit inside their courses.

Putting Defensive Buildings for example Flamethrowers and Shock Launchers that they’re right involving the Headquarters and also the edge of the map might be really powerful. That makes it impossible for an attacker without immobilizing their Warriors to utilize a Shock Bomb.

Mine placement can influence the outcome of an assault because of their capability to damage Warriors traveling underneath the cover of smoke. You need to set an amount that is fair throughout the Headquarters, yet a barrage to counter will be tempted by too many. Any remaining mines ought to be utilized to cover potential smoke routes to the Headquarters.